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BOSCMA was formed in 1994 by enthusiastic childminders with the aim of providing a service that supports and informs Stockport  Childminders and those in surrounding areas.

We are ordinary childminders just like you, Some of us have been childminding for years and have a wealth of expereince; others have only been childminding for a short time.

The one thing we all have in common is that we know that our jobs are a valued profession. We all want to be kept informed on what is going on in our industry and how we as individuals and as a group can improve our practice and support one another.

We are not affiliated to any other organisation, so welcome all Registered Childminders

The one thing you may have found is that working as a childminder can be a lonely job, so friendship is high on our list. By getting to know each other at regular meetings, we can give support and exchange information.

The BOSCMA Chair person keeps you up to date with regular emails regarding government and Ofsted changes to working practice.

We exchange information on how we do our job and put into practice some of the aims which the government has for good quality childcare by holding regular information sharing evenings.

All new childminders will have been introduced to BOSCMA at their pre-registration briefing course.

Alternatively, you can get a registration form from Christine Dale.


Letters are on their way asking members to renew.

£8 payable to Christine asap