Minutes of Meeting – 6th February 2013

Members attending:

Christine Dale MBE (Chair), Helen McAsey (Treasurer), Anne Wroe, Liz Martin, Janet Brightmore, Val Scott, Julie Sidebotham, Sarah Blevins, Angie Hague, Michelle Dollard, Emma Forbes, Chris Burgess, Vicky Sadler, Nicola Miller. Helen Greenhough

Apologies: Thank you to all that sent apologies.

1. Welcome to everyone.

2. Matters Arising from previous minutes: None.

3. Last meeting’s minutes proposed by Val Scott, seconded by Anne Wroe.

4. Janet Brightmore gave a short presentation on the 2yr progress check. She also gave out copies of the ‘A know How Guide’ on the EYFS Progress check at age 2. This will also be discussed and best practice shared at the next Info sharing evening on Tuesday 12th march at Christine’s house 7pm.

5. Training courses. Our next training evening is being held at Cheadle Library on Monday the 15th April. The title of the course is ‘The Characteristics of Effective learning’ and is something Ofsted are hot on at the moment. The charge is £10 per head and a place must be booked as we are limited to 25. Please email Christine on cdale1@ntlworld.com to book your place. Lynnette Wood will be the tutor. You will receive a certificate for attending.

6. Council Cuts to childcare. The government has made significant cuts to childcare training. Stockport offer a lot more courses either through learning leads or through Boscma than a lot of other authorities so please take up any offer of training that is available as due to cuts in funding courses may become difficult to find after April.

7. Requirements for written documents. Ofsted have produced a document relating to this and if you would like to read it then please follow this link. http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/factsheet-childcare-requirements-for-written-documents-childminders-delivering-early-years-foundation-stage

8. Risk Assessments. Ofsted have produced a document relating to this and if you would like to read it then please follow this link. http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/inspection-guidance-for-inspecting-provision-early-years-register-following-risk-assessment-process

9. Giving medication to children. Ofsted have produced a document relating to this and if you would like to read it then please follow this link. http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/factsheet-childcare-giving-medication-children-registered-childcare

10.  Money Stuff. We discussed what you can claim against tax and what you can’t and what you need receipts for and what you don’t. For any advice about money matters please contact Christine by email. It was thought it may be a good idea to invite a representative form the tax department to a meeting. Christine will set this up and let people know when it will be.

11. Information Commissioners Office. We were reminded that you DO have to register with the IOC and for details of how to do this please contact Christine.

12. Document; More Great Childcare/ Two Year offer. We discussed this at length and a lot of people thought it was quite a good document. Most thought that raising the ratios would be beneficial to them and would not impact on their business. It was mentioned that just because Ofsted are going to let you care for more children in the Early Years age range, it is not compulsory, so many thought they would probably not take on any more children. Childminder agencies were also discussed and as this is also not compulsory none would join but it may be a good idea for new childminders, but members were reminded that any help they need with paperwork, Ofsted, training etc can be accessed through Boscma.

AOB. A member is selling a triple buggy, if anyone is interested can you please email Christine who will pass on your details. We discussed the Diary of events. October training is probably going to be delivered by Portage. Mr Jellybean has been booked for the fun day and a charge of £1 per child will be made on the day.

Social 8.40pm Meeting closed at 9pm.